How frequently does The Elysium Project update?
Writing, directing, and production on Elysium are currently handled by me (Natalie). Music and voice acting are graciously provided by a team of talented artists who record as they are available. While I will try to produce episodes in a timely manner, they will be completed as I am able. I work a 9-5 day job, freelance, and live with a chronic illness, so sometimes this isn’t as frequent as I would like. The mini-episodes help keep momentum going between full episode releases, but always check out our social media pages to see the latest news on new episodes!

What about the original version of the Elysium Project? Why should I listen to this version?
I started producing an original version of The Elysium Project back in 2009 soon after I started learning sound design. Some listeners may remember this version, and there is even a TVTropes page for it! The original has been removed from youtube, as it contained copy written music and because major plot points have been changed or may be outright spoiled. Some things in the current version will be similar, but there is tons of new content and storylines, and the production value is greatly improved. For listeners who are curious and have stuck with us this long, I hope you will enjoy this version even more!

How Long is the Elysium Project?
At the moment, the series is tentatively planned for 40 episodes, spanning 5 seasons. Each episode will be around 25-30 minutes long.

What type of equipment do you use to produce the Elysium Project?
I record, edit, and mix using ProTools 10 on a Mac desktop, with a Scarlett 2i2 preamp as an interface. The SFX as of episode 2 are taken from various BOOM libraries and the ProSound Effects Hybrid Library and Expansions.

Are you still looking for actors?
While most roles have already been cast, I am always happy to hear from actors or artists interested in being involved. Even if I can’t use you for Elysium, I have other projects in the works that might be a better fit! If you are interested, feel free to use the contact form below to send me an inquiry, a link to your demo, and some information about yourself. Good mic quality and technique is a must.