Alpha Group
The very first group of human subjects in the Elysium Formula experiments, or the Elysium Project. Original subjects include Kate and Mirage, though Kate is considered part of the Beta group as she now relies on constant doses of the Beta formula to maintain her abilities, which failed to manifest during the Alpha test period. Alphas had little to no control over their abilities, which are triggered by even slight emotional imbalance, and are nearly impossible to control. Mirage is the only known survivor of this phase, due to unclear reasons. The alpha formula was almost immediately discontinued by James Greyson.
See also “Elysium.”

Beta Group
The second group of subjects in the Elysium Formula experiments. Original subjects include Luke, Jessica, Alex, Rachel, and later Ian, though his abilities did not manifest until later on in the test period. Nick and Emma are also Beta subjects, though they are not considered a part of the test group. Betas are less volatile to emotion triggering, but tend to be less powerful than alphas.
See also “Elysium.”

The term given to a naturally occurring substance in the human anatomy, usually in only trace amounts, that can allow a person to manipulate the world around them based on changes in brain chemistry relative to emotion. Elysium is directly linked to facilitating rare instances of stress and emotionally triggered strength, perseverance, mental capability, and speed.

Elysium Formula
Also known as “the formula,” a synthesized recreation of the natural “Elysium” substance that already exists in humanity. The formula was eventually completed by James Grayson. It was commissioned by an unknown individual, with Bastios serving as their mediator.
See “Elysium” also.