One of the escaped Elysium test subjects along with Kate, Ian, Jessica, and Rachel.

A stranger who stumbled upon Emma and Nick after they were attacked by Mirage. He continues to assist Emma as she unravels more about the Elysium Project.

Catherine Choy
A high ranking diplomat working for the UN. Nick’s mother and Greg Landon’s wife.

Dmitry Bastios
Direct supervisor of James Greyson and working for an unnamed client to create the Elysium formula.

Emma Greyson
The daughter of James Greyson, currently attending the private New York school Lincoln Academy and dating Nick Landon. Emma is kept largely isolated at home by her father when not at classes for unclear reasons.

Evan Meyer
One of the lead doctors involved in the creation of the Elysium formula. Initially he worked along side James Greyson, but later replaced him as head of the project when James severed ties with Bastios.

Gabriel Highmoore
The charismatic Secretary of State, deeply embroiled in moderating current trade tensions. Works directly with Catherine Choy.

Greg Landon
Cather’s husband, a translator who works with her at the United Nations.

One of the escaped Elysium test subjects along with Kate, Jessica, Alex, and Rachel.

James Greyson
Responsible for creating the Elysium formula. Emma’s father.

One of the escaped Elysium test subjects along with Kate, Ian, Alex, and Rachel.

One of the escaped Elysium test subjects along with Ian, Jessica, Alex, and Rachel. Kate has a mechanical prosthetic arm uniquely powered by her Elysium abilities.

Emma’s best friend, who she met online. Melissa lives in Chicago and is studying there to become a doctor.

One of the first test subjects of the Elysium project. The formula has altered him more dramatically so that his abilities and personality are more volatile.

James Greyson’s secretary and personal assistant.

Nick Landon
Emma’s boyfriend and a student at Lincoln Academy. His parents, Greg and Catherine, both work at the UN in international negotiations, and he has traveled with them overseas frequently before.

One of the escaped subjects from James Greyson’s test group.

Susan Danvers
James Greyson’s lawyer, all business and no nonsense.

Interviews Emma after Mirage’s attack. He’s working with Monica, but it’s not clear why.