Summaries and Transcripts

Episode 1: Beginnings

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James Greyson finalizes the completion of a project with a man named Bastios, with whom he’s worked for a number of years. Upon signing the final contract, Bastios reveals that James will only receive half his money until the results of his work have proven their worth. James is insulted by this, but agrees to receive only half in order to break ties completely from Bastios. Upon leaving, James reveals to his secretary, Monica, that the test facility security may have been compromised and the test subjects may have been allowed to escape.Ian and Jessica, test subjects from James’ project, are running from an unseen enemy and escape to a rooftop. Ian realizes that Jessica does not remember where they are attempting to go and Kate arrives with the real Jessica, while the fake is revealed to be yet another subject named Mirage. Mirage battles with Ian, Jessica, and Kate, and is defeated. The three agree to meet up with another group of escapees.

Emma calls her out of state friend Melissa and reveals that she has cold feet and is hiding in the bathroom from her date, Nick. Melissa talks her into getting out of the bathroom and talking to Nick, but when Nick suggests they actually leave, Emma confesses that she’s worried about her father who has kept her sheltered most of her life. Nick eventually decides to leave to avoid pressuring Emma, but Emma realizes that she wants to go with him and they decided to go together.

James is working late with Monica and receives a call from Bastios. Bastios confirms that the escaped test subjects fleeing Mirage belonged to James’ project and that he is out for revenge. He indicates that this revenge will be directed at James daughter, revealed to be Emma.

Nick and Emma are out walking in a nearby park, and discuss their lives. Nick reveals that his parents work at the UN and are involved in some recent political turmoil. Just as they are about to leave, they hear the voice of a small girl calling for help. As they attempt to help the girl, she vanishes and is replaced with Mirage, who throws Nick aside and confronts Emma. Mirage tells Emma that he is a “mistake” of her father’s and he brandishes a syringe, threatening to inject her with the consequences. Nick tackles Mirage, taking the syringe by mistake, and collapses. Mirage merely shrugs this off and then approaches Emma to inject her as well.


Episode 2: Aftermath

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Emma regains consciousness briefly after the attack to find that she’s been found by a man named Ben and the police are on their way.

Bastios meets with Dr. Evan Meyer, the scientist replacing James as head of testing in the project. Evan disagrees with Bastios’ decision have Emma injected with her father’s formula and is worried that the escaped subjects will be harder to find due to their abilities.

Meanwhile, back on the night of their escape, the missing subjects regroup and discuss what their next move would be. They decide to lay low and use their abilities to find money and supplies, while Kate emerges as leader.

Emma wakes up again, this time in the hospital. She is interviewed by a man who claims to be with the police while Monica waits outside. When she is unable to visit Nick before her father arrives, she decides to try and find him herself by sneaking out onto the fire escape. When she is unable to get back inside, she is helped off the escape by Ben, her rescuer from before. Ben is sympathetic and lets her know to contact him if she needs more information about what he saw of the attack. As Emma goes back inside, James arrive and the two are reunited.

Now a few days after their escape, the escaped subjects are staying in a hotel. Ian is unable to sleep and finds that Kate is using her abilities to gain access to James’ data. Her abilities are unique in that they eventually wear out without constant dosages of the formula. She is still more dependant on the formula as it maintains a prosthetic arm James built specifically for her. She hopes to synthesize her own formula in order to maintain her abilities and the prosthetic, claiming that “someday” she’ll be able to give it up.

A few weeks after the attack, Nick hasn’t heard from Emma. They eventually reunite and school and Emma explains that her father grounded her after she left the apartment without protection. Nick is glad to see Emma is all right and asks to continue seeing her.


Episode 3: Family

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Emma and Nick continue to hang out and have started gaming online with Melissa. In the middle of a game, James comes home and asks Emma if he can take a blood sample just to confirm that she is okay after the attack.

After over a month of hiding out, the escaped test subjects decide that they can brave a day out of the hotel they are staying in. While outside, they still manage to argue and snap at each other. Kate confides in Ian that James lives nearby, and that she thinks they will never fully get away from him.

At school, Emma is called in to see the guidance counselor, who says her test scores have been climbing recently. Emma confesses it might be related to the injection from the attack, but that she doesn’t know what it could have been. After she leaves, the counselor calls social services to investigate.

Shaken by her meeting with the counselor, Emma is nervous to go back to class, so Nick convinces her to skip for the day and takes her back to his apartment. His parents are already there, and Nick’s mother Catherine asks to speak with Emma personally.

Catherine tells Emma that she was also contacted by the school and they are concerned for her and Nick’s safety and wants to help. She invites Emma to stay with them until social services can follow up with her father. Somewhat relieved, Emma agrees.

Emma sits down to dinner with Nick and his family, who are welcoming to her. They are interrupted by Susan, James’ lawyer, who demands that Emma come with her immediately. Emma agrees to go with her in order to avoid causing problems for Nick’s family.


Episode 4: Drift

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James confronts Emma about trying to leave, claiming that she called social services on him. Emma insists it was her school therapist, but her father refuses to believe her. In the heat of the argument, Emma pushes her father away and manages to throw him across the room.

Melissa calls Nick when she’s unable to reach Emma directly. Nick tells her what happened and both feel powerless to help. Nick’s parents inform him that they have been quietly asked to leave Emma and her father alone. They suspect James is being watched and the situation is even more complicated than they thought.

Emma’s phone no longer has service, but manages to connect to Ben, the man who found her after Mirage’s attack. Ben reassures her that he’ll make sure nothing else happens and Emma asks if he works for her dad due to the convenience of his existence. Ben denies this, but promises to help her regardless.

On the morning of the UN Peace Summit, Ian and Alex try to entertain themselves with their abilities, but Jess is injured by mistake. Frustrated, Ian decides to find James and confront him, feeling he has nothing left to lose. Instead, he discovers Emma and tells her about the project and her father’s involvement. He also suspects Emma was injected with the formula during the attack by Mirage. Uneasily, he agrees to escort her to the UN building to find Nick’s parents.

Nick wakes up to a call from his dad saying that the peace talks are a set up and Emma’s father is connected somehow. Before he can say more, gunfire erupts and the call goes dead.


Episode 5: Crisis

Catherine is on her way to meet with the US delegates at the UN, when Secretary of State, Gabriel Highmoore, approaches her and asks for her honest opinion on their negotiation during the Peace Summit. Catherine admits that she sees no sign of success and is worried about the outcome. When they arrive at their meeting, they discover all of the US delegates dead just before a bomb tears through the building.

At the same time, Nick is outside the public barrier to the UN, trying to report his father’s warning to the authorities. No one believes him and they are cut off by the explosion.

Emma and Ian manage to escape Emma’s building just before they are caught by James’ lawyer, Susan Danvers. They head to the UN in order to meet up with Nick’s family, but witness the bomb go off from a distance. Ian tells Emma that he wants to help and that they should keep going anyway.

Nick forces his way through the ruins of the UN, looking for his mother. He stumbles on Gabriel and Catherine, who managed to survive the blast, but have been trapped under debris. With an unexplainable show of strength, Nick is able to pull them free.

Upon reaching the blast site, Ian leaves Emma with a cell phone to contact him in case of an emergency before going to help the wounded. Emma spies Nick and his Mother as they are assisted by an EMT crew and rides with them to the hospital. Later, she attempts to console Nick who is in a state of shock at the very real possibility that he may have lost both his parents in a single day.

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Episode 6: Shatter

Kate recalls the day she got her prosthetic arm from James Greyson, along with the caveat that it would only work so long as she was actively using the Elysium formula. The memory dissolves to Jess’ panicked sobbing as she discovers that Kate has overdosed and is unconscious after trying to use her own version of the formula.

Hours later, Ian joins Jess in the lobby of the hotel to talk about what happened. Jess admits that she and Rachel want to start there own life away from the rest of the escaped subjects once they leave New York. Alex arrives to let them know that Kate is awake and Ian goes to sit with her.

At the hospital, Emma has been staying with Nick and his mom for the past few days. She goes to the coffee shop to chat with Melissa on her laptop about what she plans to do next, only to hear Nick yelling as he is dragged away through the lobby. Before she can check on him, Ben appears and tells her that he needs to get her away before they catch her as well. Emma follows him with reluctance, and discovers that he too possess Elysium like abilities when he incapacitates two of the operatives following them. Emma agrees to let him help her, but tells him that she needs answers first. She calls Ian and asks for a place to stay for the night, to which Ian reluctantly agrees.

Emma goes to the building where James works and confronts him directly about the Elysium formula and his involvement. James admits that he was contracted to work on the project directly out of school, but a man named Dmitri Bastios was ultimately behind its goals and actions. Since he has left completely and on bad terms, he has no leverage to stop Bastios from taking Emma or Nick away and using them as he sees fit.

While Emma speaks with her father, Ben comes across Mirage, who is still following them and currently perched on the building’s roof. Mirage reveals that he doesn’t know who Ben is or what he’s doing (and neither does Bastios,) but he seems to realize something as they continue to talk. Mirage finally decides to make his move and reveal his presence to Emma by pulling Mirage through the ceiling and crashing into James’ office. Recovering from the fall and determined to escape, Ben takes Emma and leaps through the window with her in his arms.

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